Promotion of FCS


Other schools in our area provide distance learning classes. Students at our school can enroll in these FCS classes to learn more about food and nutrition, health care, and family living. These valuable skills are an essential part of college and career readiness.

Classes Available

Introduction to Health Care

Health care services make up one of the largest industries in the United States.  The number of possible careers and jobs in health care is exploding rapidly today, and the need for health care professionals continues to grow.  This course will provide you with the knowledge and tools you can use to determine if a career in health care is for you!  Whether choosing to work directly with patients, or providing support services, all careers in the health care industry are important, rewarding, and provide benefits to others.

Food and Nutrition

This class helps students understand the principles of nutrition and the relationship of nutrition to health. Selection, preparation and storage of food is studied. Students participate in labs, preparing many types of foods. Consumer aspects of food buying are studied. Access to cooking materials is required.


This course introduces students to the idea of starting their own businesses. Students learn about basic economic concepts as they study different types of businesses and learn about what is involved in starting and managing each of them. Main topics include business communication, ethics, marketing, financing, record keeping, legal protections, staff management, business growth, and exit strategies. Activities ask students to create and evaluate original ideas for new businesses and products.

Family Living

This class is designed to help the students better understand themselves and to relate more effectively with others in interpersonal relationships. It includes personal evaluations of values, goals, and standards.  Students examine behavior according to basic human needs, theories of development, and cultural pressures.  Students also examine relationships of family members, family roles, and personal and family crises.  Communication skills problem-solving mechanisms, and stress are also studied. Preparation for dating and marriage is studied, including male and female expectations and stereotypes, types of love, premarital sex and its options, family planning and contraceptives, and adjustments in early marriage.  Other topics of study are use of drugs, including alcohol, venereal diseases, decision-making, mate selection, crises, stress, old age and death.

Personal Finance and Economics

This course provides an overview of how economic systems function and teaches the students about their rights and responsibilities as consumers. Students learn steps for making responsible economic decisions. They also study the basics of personal money management, including budgeting, saving, investing, credit, housing and transportation costs, and insurance. The course is a practical, “”real world”” guide for consumers in the twenty-first century.