Program of Work


July 2018

1-2 National Leadership Conference

June 2018

15 NLC payments due to the State Association (Nebraska Registration and Hotel)

28-30 National Leadership Conference

May 2018

FCCLA Banquet

12 Volunteer Miracle Baseball League and Pizza Ranch in Omaha

14 Maddy asked the School Board for Financial Support for Nationals

18 FCCLA and FFA Highway Clean-Up

April 2018

STAR Work-night

8-10 State Leadership Conference

25 Meeting to discuss Banquet and End of Year items

March 2018

8 STAR Work-night

12 STAR Work-night

13 STAR Work-night

15 STAR Work-night

23 Nia works on her STAR project with preschool students

28 FCCLA STAR Competitors Meeting 

February 2018

1-7 Sold Valentines cookies

Cake Raffle and Concessions for LVSS G and BBB

Baked Valentines cookies

11 Decorated Valentines Cookies

12-16 National FCCLA Week

27 Raising Canes Fundraiser

January 2018

9 Concessions for LVSS GBB

12 STAR Work-night and Christmas Party

25 STAR Work-morning

30-31 Sold Valentines cookies

31 District STAR at Wayne State College

December 2017

STAR Work-night

16 STAR Work-morning

17-31 Madi and Sidney held their Winter Coat Drive for their STAR Project

October 2017

4 FCCLA and FFA Adopt a Highway Clean-up in Scribner

16 District 7 Leadership Conference at Wayne State College

1-6 Sold Ozark Lollipops

September 2017

FCCLA and FFA Adopt a Highway Clean-up in Scribner

22-30 Sold Ozark Lollipops

10 Volunteer Miracle Baseball League in Omaha

August 2017

Dodge County Fair Parade in Scribner

14-18 Membership Drive and Recruitment

July 2017

2-6 National STAR Leadership Conference in Nashville, Tennessee

June 2017

10 Volunteer Miracle Baseball League in Omaha

28 Maddy and Sydney held a fundraiser to help them get to Nationals

May 2017

FCCLA Banquet

April 2017

8-10 State STAR in Lincoln