The Scibner-Snyder 2017-2018 officers are; President, Maddy, Vice President, Kristal, Secretary, Miranda, Media, Jillian, and District Representative, Sydney.


All together in the 2017-2018 school year we had 22 FCCLA members; four 7th graders, Izzy, Rylee, McKenna, and Hannah, seven 8th graders; DesiRae, Ellie, Sophia, Jenna, Neveah, and Miranda, three 9th graders; Thomas, Jillian, and Stephana; five 10th graders; Kristal, Maddy, Nia, Sydney, and Krystal; and one 11th grader Elissa Dames

2017-2018 STAR Participants

We had one of the biggest STAR participants groups in our district. Our participants were;

Maddy competing in FCCLA Chapter Website Junior Division.

Sidney and Madi competing in Chapter Service Project Display Senior Division.

Jillian competing in Chapter Service Project Portfolio Junior Division.

Stephena competing in Chapter Service Project Display Junior Division.

Sydney competing in Illustrated Talk Junior Division.

Nia competing in Focus on Children Junior Division.

Merivath competing in Nutrition & Wellness Junior Division.

Thomas competing in Recycle and Redesign Junior Division.

Kristal and Desirae competing in Advocacy Junior Division.

Miranda competing in Life Event Planning.

Shelby competing in Illustrated Talk Junior Division.

Membership Costs and Deadlines

$30 membership dues were to be paid by September 30th. The dues pay for entry to District leadership, Local and national dues.

Recruitment and Retention

On the first day of the school year, potential members meet in the gym for a kick-off. At the end of that year, current members present to the 6th grade class.